Welcome to eXtreme Shooters

Welcome to a clan that is out there for fun, professional hosting and skills.
Extreme Shooters has been active playing several games since 2009. Not only do we play, we also organise events, host high quality servers and train players to a higher level.

On our website you will be able to find out more about our history, our fantastic members and stay connected with everything that’s going on with us. In case you would like to read more about our history, please go here.

Latest news:

  • Extreme Shooters clan joins JBNFL (1/30/2012)

    Extreme Shooters has recently announced that it will participate in the James Bond 007: NightFire PC League!

  • 24/7 CTF_Knox back online (10/31/2011)

    Our CTF_Knox server is back online after it was temporarely shut down to be able to host the recent event.

  • A great Halloween event! (10/29/2011)

    We would like to thank everyone who played our Halloween event. We really enjoyed the time and look forward to hosting more events shortly.

  • CTF_Knox offline during Halloween (10/28/2011)

    Please take notice that our CTF_Knox (snipers) server will be offline while we prepare and host the Haunted Halloween event.

  • Extreme Shooters clan joins NFBL (9/25/2010)

    We are glad to announce we have joined the NighFire Bond League. Members please navigate to the forums and join the competetive team!