Game Servers (NF) – F.A.Q.

NBS & bans

Q: What is NBS?

A: NBS is the system and it’s addons that we run on our game servers to prevent cheating, unfair gaming and to track players that disobey our rules. Our servers are NBS-Secured. For more info go here.

Q: Why am I receiving the error: Error – You have been banned from this server?

A: This error shows when you have been banned from one of our Nightfire servers. For more information about your ban, check the bans page and our game server rules.

Q: Who to contact regarding my ban or where to protest it?

A: Bans cannot be protested. Check our bans page to see when your ban expires. Do not contact server admins or clan members as there is nothing they can do. We cannot undo NBS-bans or remove your NBS-ban from our server network.

Q: My ban is set to ‘TBD’ and there is no expiration?

A: Bans processed by CONSOLE might be awaiting server admin action to determine the ban period. We do that as soon as possible.

Q: My ban is set to permanent. What to do now?

A: There is nothing you can do. Server admins, CONSOLE or NBS has banned you permanently (without discussion).

Q: How can I report a cheat or abusive player?

A: You can’t. Our server software will take automatic action (ban, kick, etc) and we have (hidden) admins checking the servers regularly to prevent this.

Game Servers

Q: I don’t have the (custom) map that is currently being played. Where can I download it?

A: Our Game Servers are patched to support autodownloads. By connecting the map will automatically start downloading. If not, please update your game or contact the game developer for more information. You may also ask a friend if they have a copy of the map and send it to you. You might however also need some custom models or textures.

Q: I seem to lag in your server, how to fix that?

A: Our Game Servers are professionally hosted in a server park and should not lag. If you experience lag, check if other players experience so aswell. If yes, contact a clan member and they will forward your issue. If it’s just you, please check your connection and active downloads.


Q: Can I have access to <any of> the private gameservers?

A: At this moment private gameservers are for members and friends of the clan only.