Extreme Shooters was originally founded in 2009 while playing NightFire. A group of friends was split up in separate clans and decided to come together as one, XS.

logo history

While the game was in a difficult time by players leaving it behind, we thought it would be a strong idea to start a new solid team. Therefore we came together willing to give the game a new life. Which happened quite quickly. Our server admin had a long history of hosting the game it’s most popular servers (JBNF Public Server and [X]rayz’s Place) so those game servers were changed into XS clan servers hosting the most popular maps. Our game server schedule started like this (later we added even more):

[EU] -|Xs|- Extreme-Shooters.com | #1 | 24/7 CTF_Romania
[EU] -|Xs|- Extreme-Shooters.com | #2 | 24/7 CTF_Knox2
[EU] -|Xs|- Extreme-Shooters.com | #3 | 24/7 DM_Caviar

And in just a few months later we even helped hosting for the official game league (NFBL) and our own league JBNFL after the original league was cancelled. We hosted the game it’s new forum where players could connect and started a no-bullshit policy on our servers where we used a fair ban-system. Our game servers were often completely filled and were hosted professionally in the EU. We started two servers in the US but those were not as successful and therefore shutdown. To get the game more interesting we started hosting seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas with changing the atmosphere in the game it’s standard maps.

A few years later, we decided to play more games and became a multigaming community. We started playing Counter-Strike: Source, Urban Terror and Team Fortress 2. Besides playing those games as clan, we also played as a community for fun in other games such as Left 4 Dead 2.

Now and the future..

However it is hard to stay active after over 10 years of gaming, you may still find us or members of us in various games. We can be recognized by the official clan tag -|Xs|-.