Extreme Shooters was originally founded in 2009 while playing NightFire. The game was in desperate need of some new clans, professional servers and league teams.

We soon became very successful and well known by hosting the game it’s most popular gameservers. We started with only one server with really any kind of gameplay. Later we added a couple more, hosting the most popular maps and we became the official host of the NFBL/JBNFL game league. Our servers are no-lag, 24/7 up and hosted professionally in the EU.

A few years later, we decided to play more games and became a multigaming community. We started playing Counter-Strike: Source, Urban Terror and Team Fortress 2. Besides playing those games as clan, we also played as a community for fun in other games such as Left 4 Dead 2.

Our clantag is XS, because ES was already in use and we like it that way.

Now and the future..

However it is hard to stay active after over 10 years of gaming, you may still find us or members of us in various games. We can be recognized by the clan tags -|Xs|-, eXtreme| or even ~XS.