Extreme Shooters was founded and originally opened by Rise2Shine and Blizzy back in 2009. Flow and Qlimax joined the clan management just a few years later, when Blizzy left the clan.

Hall of Fame (and Shame)

Below our amazing team is presented. Thank you all.

Thank you FruitySatan, for contributing in our server network.

Thanks to Solly who kept our facilities clean and fresh with his role as toilet cleaner.

Thank you to Rick, also known as GameKings for getting us an autolost in NFBL for abusing the server R-CON. Amazing!

Kudos to Xander for being the server bulldog. Any attempt of breaking the rules and he knew! No bullshit.

No thanks to Mark for faking the clan and attempting to steal members after he got kicked out.

Thank you Ricecooker for joining us right before a scrim and leaving us directly after to run your own clan. Those were epic!

and thanks to all members we had during the years:
Lucky,, JG, Crookers, Razeryz, Joey, Freezez, Blayzor, Wouter, Brinky, Ghost, Shin, Gforce, Infy, Niels, Giver, Star, Mafia, Wolverine, Linda, Crystalic, Barbaar, Magix, Exmaterie & many more..