After a long time of inactivity the players below have decided to start playing again or are new members. We have decided to not accept non-competetive players anymore. Clan representatives may invite you to join, based upon level of skill in game. Our aim at this point is to be exclusive. Quality over Quantity.

Currently active

NicknameOriginal join dateCurrently active since
Rise2Shine2009sep. 2019
Qlimax 2011 sep. 2019
Kenny.tw2009 sep. 2019
Lucky2019 sep. 2019

Hall of Fame (and Shame)

Members come and go and we would like to thank the players below for their loyalty during the years.

A huge thanks to Blizzy who co-found the clan and to Flow who co-lead it when Blizzy ran off.

Thank you FruitySatan, for contributing in our server network.

Thanks to Solly who kept our facilities clean and fresh with his role as toilet cleaner.

Thank you to Rick, also known as GameKings for getting us an autolost in NFBL for abusing the server R-CON. Amazing!

Kudos to Xander for being the server bulldog. Any attempt of breaking the rules and he knew!

No thanks to Mark for faking the clan and attempting to steal members after he got kicked out.

The following players deserve a big applause for representing the clan in our active days: JG, Crookers, Razeryz, Joey, Freezez, Blayzor, Wouter, Brinky, Ghost, Shin, Gforce, Infy, Niels, Giver, Star, Mafia, Wolverine, Linda, Crystalic, Barbaar and Exmaterie.

We deeply regret the fact that we may have forgotten to name a few of our stars. A big THANK YOU to you aswell! * applauds * Please contact Qlimax to complain if you were forgotten, he came up with this list.