Banned Players

Bans on this list are final and cannot be protested at this time. It is of no use to approach server admins or clan members for this. Check the expiration to see when you are able to reconnect.

Player / AliasPlayer IDGameserverExpiresReasonID/IP*Origin
~^music^~1987848828All XS5d (expired)disobeying server rules IDCONSOLE
Hannibal 640319093 All XSpermanentnegative towards XSIDServer admin
Hannibal / New Agent640319093All XSextendeddisobeying server rulesIDCONSOLE
Hannibal657204776Competetive48h (extended)disobeying server rulesIDCONSOLE
xTerminator2037675899All XSpermanentbad behaviourIDServer admin
xTerminator n/aCompetetiveexpiredbad behaviour IPServer admin
xTerminator n/aCompetetiveexpiredbad behaviour IPServer admin

*players banned by unique player ID can not rejoin after they change their IP-address.
**To Be Discussed; server admins will determine your ban period later. Up to then, it is permanent. Check back on this page for an update (if available).

Players with an expired ban penalty are monitored by the server software and will not be warned again. The next failure in playing by our rules will follow into a permanent ban.