Game Servers (NF)


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Since the opening of the clan, XS has always been hosting professional game servers. Our game servers:

– are lag free;
– are controlled and checked by live admins;
– are anti-cheat patched (including cheat commands);
– may have a voting system for map change;
– are online 24/7;
– are run on the most recent game server patch;
– support autodownloads for maps (depending on your game version);
– may have original 1.0 hitreg registration;
– are anti-crash protected;
– are hosted inside the EU.

To keep everything organised and fun for each of us, we handle the following rules:

Cheating is not allowed at anytime in any game. Anyone or any clan caught cheating will be subject to dismissal from the server network. We do our utmost keeping the anti-cheat systeem as up to date as possible.

Bad language and negative conduct shall be kept to a minimum. Excessive bad behaviour may lead to punishment from the server admins.

The word of our server admins shall be considered as correct, there are no exceptions.

In CTF maps like Island or Knox, no hiding with the flag within a closed spawn area will be allowed.

Spawn killing is not allowed. Spawn killing is deliberately and continually killing players within a closed spawn area of some CTF maps. The only exception to this rule is when the player is trying to retrieve their flag.

Making abuse of the clan tag (such as faking to be a member) will lead into a permanent ban of our server network. Continuing this in a server out of our network will be reported to the host of the masterserver and may lead in a game ID ban.

Do not spam the in-game chat. Chatting with fellow players is obviously allowed but should be kept to a minimum. Other gamers connected to play and not to chat. Advertising other servers or clans in the chat is strictly forbidden.

Our competetive server is for serious gaming and matches. Do not connect if you are looking for regular gaming or to chat. Weapons and in-game items may be limited as ‘spray’ is not allowed (like scrims). Several maps are patched to remove spray weapons and grenades from the game to improve serious gameplay. Ruining gameplay for competetive players may lead into a ban of this server.

Blaming lag due to a lack of skill is not permitted. Our servers are anti-lag and professionally hosted in a server park. If you think the service has real lag, contact a clan representative and they will look into it.